SOLUTIONS - Analyze Handling

See Exactly How Shipments are Handled

Your sensitive shipments can encounter a lot as they travel across the globe. Measure every bump, shock, drop, impact and temperature change along the way with the GP1L Recording Accelerometer. It provides valuable peace of mind that your products are arriving exactly the way you intended.

Remove Guesswork

SENSR technology is specifically engineered to identify and record even subtle handling. For extremely delicate shipments, this data can provide valuable insight to ensure nothing was compromised along the way. Our monitor can alert you to any handling miscues that could lead to damage, like whether your product was dropped a mere quarter inch or tipped back during loading.

Certify Your Shipments

The GP1L Handling Monitor is the only recording solution that shows you what your product encountered throughout its journey and automatically produces a handling report to certify handling. You can guarantee nothing exceeded thresholds for handling during transport.

Identify Where Problems Arise

The GP1L Handling Monitor continuously records for up to 40 days, capturing every bump and shock along the way. If your products arrive at their destination damaged or otherwise compromised, you’ll be able to identify exactly where in the transportation process it occurred and can employ changes that guarantee the rough handling doesn’t happen again.

Cargo Ship


GP1L Recording Accelerometer 
Record motions, vibrations and impacts with the battery-powered GP1L Recording Accelerometer.