SOLUTIONS - Test Products

Engineer Better Products

No amount of simulations or modeling can replace the value of real-world data. Testing new products with the SENSR GP2Lx USB Accelerometer helps engineers develop and improve their prototypes. It can also provide valuable insight into how your customers treat your existing products or how your product stacks up to the competition. From vehicle suspensions to aerospace prototypes, SENSR technology is helping companies around the world help bring in the next generation of products to the market.

Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations

Understanding the dynamics of assembly is critical to ensuring performance and reliability. Many companies rely on expensive systems to test their products. SENSR provides similar technology in a far more affordable package, so you can ensure your products are designed to your exact requirements at a fraction of the cost.

Remove Guesswork

Collecting vibration, g-force and other critical data with the GP2Lx USB Accelerometer helps eliminate wrong assumptions that can lead to delays, costly failures and suboptimal performance. You can be sure you’re releasing safe, reliable products that perform as designed.

Refine Inventions

Testing with the GP2Lx USB Accelerometer allows you to discover how customers are treating your products and how they stack up to the competition. With that insight, you can continually innovate and improve upon your inventions to maintain a competitive advantage.

Car Driving Through Test Course


GP2Lx USB Accelerometer 
Download data to your computer directly from the GP2Lx USB Accelerometer.