PRODUCTS - GP2Lx USB Accelerometer

Monitor Responses in Real Time

The GP2Lx is a 3-axis sensing solution that turns your laptop into a powerful tool for gathering and analyzing dynamic responses. The GP2Lx uses a standard USB connection to stream data directly to the computer for quick and easy data collection in the field. Simply secure the instrument to the product or structure that you want to measure, connect the USB cable to a computer and begin monitoring. The instrument faithfully reports even the smallest motions, shocks, impacts and vibration responses. Intuitive point-and-click software allows you to view, record, analyze and export response signatures. The GP2Lx gives engineers objective data and insight into how their products are performing.

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4 Easy Steps to Use the GP2Lx Accelerometer

Review your data with Sensware software.

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$875 USD

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Made in the USA  
SENSR products are
made in the USA.
Product Specifications
Size 3.97" x 2.50" x 0.765"
Construction Billet Aluminum
Weight 5.5 oz.
Communication USB
Power Source USB
Cable Length
Power Consumption
25 mA max.
Operating Temp Range
-4°F to +176°F
Accelerometers 3-axis, MEMS
Measurement Range ± 6.7g
Resolution .001g
Frequency Response DC - 100Hz
Sample Rate 400 sps

Product Downloads

GP2Lx Mechanical Print
GP2Lx Mechanical Print


GP2Lx USB Extender

Active USB Extender $39 USD
Add another 16' to the distance between the GP2Lx and your computer.

GP2L Magnetic Mount

Magnetic Mount $129 USD

No need to drill holes to mount a GP2Lx. This custom mount uses two rare earth magnets for a secure connection.